GPS Approach NOTAM

It’s no secret that Infinite Flight’s latest update contains a swathe of new toys to enjoy. It’s also no secret that many of them have transformed the playing field when it comes to giving and receiving ATC services.

In light of those recent advances, this is a reminder to every pilot flying in the Expert Server skies that GPS approaches are no longer being given as of the time of writing. IFATC has been briefed of this change and will be modifying services accordingly.

With GPS gone, what can you request as a pilot? Good question.

  • ILS approaches to any instrument-equipped field (if your aircraft has the capability).
  • Visual approaches w/ weather permitting. Threshold of 3nm per current standards.
  • General radar vectors to the vicinity of an airfield.

Even though plenty of options are still available to you as outlined above, there is one additional caveat to consider - the possibility of airfields closing due to weather. Although such circumstances may be incredibly rare, be prepared to divert or hold if the weather plays a factor. Some examples include, but are not limited, to…

  • Poor visibility at an airfield not equipped with an ILS.
  • Airfields cloaked under the minimums for any kind of approach.
  • Unavailability of ILS or other vertical guidance means.

To sum, make sure you pack up some extra fuel in the future. As Infinite Flight grows in complexity, it is important to pay attention to little things like those in order to ensure your flights are successful. Part of doing so involves planning for what kind of approach(es) you might conduct, of which the absence of GPS can change things considerably. Tyler elaborates a bit on this decision and the reasons as to why it was enacted in this post below.

Will GPS approaches return someday? Who knows. For now, be safe, be prepared, and have fun!


Great summary and an important message. Changes are good from time to time. They enable us to learn something new. Thanks for posting this!


So it’s down to ILS, and Visual if Wx suits. Great. Will be fun to set up for ILS and also do some beautiful scenic approaches Visually into airports.

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If I understand this correctly, does this stem from the addition of tunable ILS frequencies?
Because GPS (RNAV) approaches should never have relied on the non existent (in RL) LOC/GS, but rather certain altitude/SPD restrictions for fixes. I would love to know if possible what the reasoning was behind this, because personally RNAV GPS approaches have gotten a lot easier with 19.4.
I’m having a hard time comprehending why such a drastic measure like completely scrapping GPS approach clearances , because nothing has truly changed that would make them unusable AFIK.


Refer to Tyler’s comment that I linked near the bottom of the OP. :)

The clearances we have for GPS approaches also include height for vertical navigation, which is now no longer necessary. As a result, they would be issued incorrectly and bear virtually no difference to ILS.


So with GPS being gone, does this mean that we have to land planes manually?

For example, take Kai Tak. With the GPS gone we have to start doing that “low bypass approach”

This isn’t only for for all extinct airports but for all the airports that have GPS approaches?

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It’s possible to fly one under the new RNAV availability. ATC will not be able to provide such services at the moment, which is what the NOTAM outlines.

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Too bad the VNAV was removed on the APPR

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