GPS approach incorrect.


So I was on final into TNCM when I noticed that the GPS approach was not lined up like it should be. I turned on the Landing Aid to show you what I mean:


i think its incorrect for not all but most airports in every region


Are you saying the vertical needle doesn’t match what the landing aid says?

If so, that’s because you have your approach locked onto runway 12 at TFFG, and, you’re on final to runway 10 at TNCM.

Basically, your tuned into the wrong ‘fake glideslope’ that’s why it’s not matching up and telling you to be ‘higher’.

This appears to be human error, not a bug.



I have to agree with you on this one. His gps is locked to runway 12 at tffg and if you look closely at his map it says he is on final for runway 10 at tncm, so yes it is human error. @The_simulation_nerd no offense


Sorry about that, disregard this topic @MitchellJames


Thanks for the report, but as pointed out, you are locked on to approach for TFFG, hence the reason why it isn’t lining up. Feel free to open another thread if you experience another issue in Infinite Flight. Thanks! :)