GPilot118's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC Tracking thread, I have failed once the written exam which is why I am doing this to understand more about the ATC system.

Currently, I have problems understanding to sequence planes and make planes enter the traffic pattern.
Don’t hesitate to come by just do some patterns and correct my errors!


Freq. open:

  • Tower
  • Ground
    Take-off Runways: 06L | 06R
    Landing Runways: 06L | 06R
    Pattern Work: ALLOWED
    Pattern altitude: Props: 1,000ft AAL | Jets: 1,500ft AAL

NOTAMS: Runway 10/28 is closed and can be used as a taxiway (It is closed IRL too).

Please do not violate any rules and listen to the ATC.

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The airport might be too small, I was going to control CYUL but I dont think its good to start with big airports. Correct me if Im wrong.

Changed to CYUL!

Wonderful thread!

Just closed, but thx!

Back open !


  • Good transition altitude

  • Unnecessary pattern instruction. I hadn’t requested anything, there was no need to issue an instruction like that.

  • In the case I had announced inbound, I should’ve been issued to enter left downwind, not left base.

  • Late clearance for t/g.

  • Good reply for a runway change request.

  • Late clearance for t/g.

  • After I reported my position + full stop, I should’ve been cleared for touch and go, no landing, as I previously I was going t/g.

  • Insanely early instruction to exit runway. For commercial jets, issue the exit runway command when they’re between 70 - 60kts. Also, I should’ve been issued to exit runway in any way, not to the left.

C ya later!

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