GPilot118’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my Atc Traking Thread !

Hey guys, I’m currently running some ATC sessions to brush up on some of my skills for the IFATC exam. (Coming soon)

Airport : N/A
Server : Training
Service : Ground/tower
Departing rwy :
Landing rwy :

Open from :
Close at :

Use Light Airplane
Please respect ATC and let ATC guide you


You need to close it and continue editing in the old one

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ok im gonna ask a mod to do it later and thx for coming !

Good day, N922BW here. A couple things I noticed:

-with BCH inbound, if he had already called in , I would have had me extend upwind, or sequenced him behind me to avoid a collision.

-you never sequenced me, or cleared me for the option. That was why I called the go around. You also didn’t need to tell me to enter left base, since I was already making left traffic in the pattern.

I think you might have had some connection issues. Keep it up, and I’ll come by again when you open!

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I’m open for 1h and if someone want to do approach or departure you are welcome!

Next one will be LFPG I think

So I need someone to practice me pls

Please go there

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pls go look

closing at : 2020-03-10T22:00:00Z

Please tag me the next time you will be doing this. I will try to stop by

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tag you were ?

closing in 20 min

closed now sorry

I meant for you next ATC

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Open now pls check info up of the thread

I’ll can come fly for a few minutes

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Rwy change pls check

I got some feedback on that session.

On the first touch and go I announced inbound for touch and go and you cleared me to land. You would clear me for the option so I don’t know if you corrected what you had said after saying cleared for the option or meant it.

You also said you’ll call my base which should be used for when you trying to add an aircraft to the an aircraft to the landing line. When you do use it you use “turn base” to tell and aircraft to turn for final or from left downwind to left base.

When I change runways for example I changed to 28, you would tell me to turn left downwind runway 28 and then I call inbound for landing in which you cleared for landing but then cleared for the option. If an aircraft calls inbound for landing, that’s when you use clear for landing

When I touchdown you can give me exit runway any :)

Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing and practicing, it should only take about 1-3 weeks before you get the hang of it!

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Thx for the feedback im gonna practice, and you change frequency too fast so I’ve didn’t get the time to say to exit rwy

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