Government of Poland - Embraer 175

It would be nice to see some more government/Presidential aircraft implemented to this sim.

LOT owns 2 of these Embraers 175s that are operated on behalf of the Polish Government!


Not to appealing to me, but i don’t mind it…


Yes that would be AWESOME

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Looks good!

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Thanks for keeping things apolitical. Aviators first, fraternite!
And yes, that is a handsome livery!

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I wouldn’t say a plane a head of state is “political.” A presidential plane is different from a plane meant to denote a political campaign (Trump’s 757 or Clinon’s 737). If having this plane is too political then FDS should remove the VC-25.

VC25 is less specific to a persons name as no one individuals name is emblazoned on the sides. A specific governmental plane that may carry official heads of state are fine, but campaign planes are very different and create a much wider divide among people. Trumps, Clintons or any other political campaign type aircraft are out. They cause too much friction and anamosity among too many people.


Not the same thing actually. See my comment below. There’s a big difference between a government aircraft and a individuals running for office.


Just to clarify my earlier remark, I’m not saying to remove the VC25. I only argued that if you group the Polish (or any countries’) Government’s plane within the category of ‘campaign’ planes and not include all of them (as per an earlier post), then it wouldn’t be fair that AF1 is in. I completely agree with you though in regards to campaign aircraft. Thanks for the clarification!

We can’t know what might be added in the future. It’s less about fair, and more about time. It’s not possible to include all of them.


Doesn’t really look like a government plane to me, nice though

Looks more than a private livery lol but I like it