Government of Ghana & Ethiopian Airlines to Open West African Carrier

The Government of Ghana and Ethiopian Airlines are in plans to open a new Ghanaian National Carrier. It has been quite a while since Ghana has had a national carrier after both Ghana Airways and Ghana International Airways went defunct in the early 2000s.
They have said that this airline will operate domestically and internationally from it’s hub at Kotoka Int’l Airport in Accra, Ghana. They expect the airline to be operating by 2020.

This news comes after the recent opening of the new $275 million USD terminal 3 at Kotoka Airport, now with jetbridges, handicapped accommodations, automated passport control, and the ability to accommodate aircraft such as the A380, which now flies regularly from Dubai to Accra.

My opinion on this is that this really proves Ghana’s new economic stronghold, and that they have earned the promotion from 3rd World Country. (If you would like more on the promotion, feel free to PM me). My family members that live in Accra and Kumasi are celebrating that their country is now prospering and that a new era is coming for Ghana, and Africa.


Congratulations. That is an awesome thing to happen. I am so glad that Africa is really gaining traction in the 1st world. I hope to see what is soon to come.

@WestJet737767 Do you know what might be to come?


Well, the economy is currently being built up on the recent discovery of a large deposit of gold and oil. So I am hoping that we eventually reach the hands of the US and Canada, which we are very close to doing.

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America rolls in


Jokes aside, that is awesome to hear! You have my blessing thingy.


Great thing to see that air traffic will come up in west Africa as it has in the rest of the world. Long overdue but will be nice

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It’s good that Ghana is growing it’s sviation industry. With the expertise of Ethiopian Airlines, this should be a success. Thumbs up Ghana 🇬🇭 👍🏾

A slight correction @WestJet737767, Emirates doesn’t send their A380 regularly, it was only one-off. Their flights are on 777s.

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Sorry, I meant once in a while.

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Yessssss @Mattheus. I’ve been making America jokes all day

Murica baby!

Wow that’s great for Ghana and Africa! Love that Ghana (one of the more developed countries in Africa) is prospering and continuing to grow! This is one of the places in Africa that I’d want to visit someday, great to see a national carrier reborn.

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