Gotta love flying

Here are some more pics of my most recent cross countries. One of my fav’s is my new profile pic. Got some night shots, not the best but pretty good for being taken by a phone camera!


Getting spoiled with that G1000. 😜 I’ve always enjoyed night flying. So peaceful! Great pics! Keep on sharing as you continue your journey!


Did my private with a steam gauge, transitioned to g1000 when I did my instrument training…


Perfect. I did the same. That’s the best way in my opinion. 💯

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Great photos, this reminded me that I can get free flying lessons because I’m in the AFJROTC stop making me even more excited

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So true! I didn’t even have GPS for my first solo XC 🤣

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Definitely not a bad thing. If you can do a cross country based on pilotage and dead reckoning all without a GPS you’ll be prepared for the worst case scenario. Sounds like you’ve been well trained. Great stuff!


Well if you can get free lessons why not start tomorrow or Monday? Anyway I wish you the best on your training!

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Be on the lookout, I will definitely be posting more of those night shots as I get them.

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Thanks! I can’t get one for another 2 years I’m so close to being that age

In fact, i wasnt going to post this one but I’ll do it just for you. I thought it was decent, not the best anyway.


Ahh I understand. You’ll be there soon enough

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Check my other topic out if you want a couple more night pics. Got some shots over Wichita

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so i bet it costs loads to fly a g1000 c172. how much is it per hour?

Because i go to a part 141 school, it runs about $170 per hour

holy mackerel that’s cheap as chips

Thats solo without an instructor

so assume with instructor is like $40 extra? that’s what we charge over here in U.K.

Yeah $45 for the instructor

ok so overall like 155 GBP which is very cheap