Got vios due to IFPAX or another

I was flying from Barcelona to Helsinki and I was using the new emergencies feature of IFPAX. I had the emergencies at 1% probabilities to occur. But it occured, all engine fail, but there was no big enough airport near. So I tried to arrive to one, but I stalled and got violations. Any help?

In Infinite Passangers, next to the emergency section, it says something along the lines of “use at your own risk on Live, especially with ATC”. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. Next time, turn violations off when your flight is on Training or Expert.



I’m afraid you’re on your own here, it’s an optional extra that you willingly activated.

Next time, your flight planning should ensure you have emergency options throughout the route.
What did you use for flight planning?

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I used VirtualHub

I highly recommend you use simbrief, which factors in many more subjects to ensure an accurate and safe plan is built. I will pull you a link for a tutorial if you require it?

Expanding your flight planning tools is vital when using apps which can give you major system failures., simbrief, fpltoif all give you extra information to build a realistic and accurate flight plan.

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Well, but I think if there is an App for preparing your flight, it should be a safe flight planner

Unfortunately in the Infinite Passengers disclaimer I believe it says that they are not responsible for any violations/ghosting incurred while using the Emergency function.

I’m not saying it’s their fault. I’m just saying that when the emergency occured, there was no airport nerby where I could land

That’s already been mentioned buddy @KaiM

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Simbrief factors that in, evidently virtual hub does not

I would trust this flight plan:

Your flight is mostly over land, with airports everywhere. Where exactly were you when the emergency occurred?

I was near that, a bit more to the north.

I could see coastline


We will not be reversing any violations caused by a 3rd party app.