Got violations

I got 6 violations whilst sitting on the tarmac at EHAM could somebody help me out with explaining why this happened?

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Please be more specific? Your post isn’t very descriptive and it’s difficult to help when that’s the case.

I have my doubts… what was your callsign?


Can you send any screenshots so we can help more? The only way i can think of is if you were idle on the runway for an extended period of time, was this the case?

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Which server were you on?

Was this after you landed and parked or did you just spawn and were parked without ever moving?

Let The OP Respond Please! :)

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I was on expert my display name was delta5945 and call sign KLM 4543 if I think I got them on the ground cos on approach I was in contact with unicom

And you got violations at the gate?

So you were moving or stationary? I can only imagine that you were taxiing too fast

Did you check and see if there were other ATC frequencies at the time you received your violations?

Guys, let @schyllberg handle it!


Pretty sure yeah I was

Stationary at the gate and pretty certain I was taxiing at normal sleed

And you are certain you got the violations at the gate?

Speed I’m certain there was now tower control


I don’t see any violations here. They’re not shown on your log and unrecorded. I’ve wiped any in the last 24 hours in case they exist but not shown on my dashboard yet. Simply close, relaunch, and you’re all set!



Not completely but pretty sure