Got violations without warning


I was flying from EIDW to GCFV and when I was approaching GCFV I got 5 violations without warning. I was on expert server.


Violations are rarely given without any warnings.
What kind of violations did you receive?

What camera view were you using when this happened?

I got violations from overspeed.

I was on the normal view (outside)

Well you need to be inside to cockpit to hear the overspeed alarm and to see the HUD information that would be vital in this scenario. I wouldn’t look outside on ascent or descent unless all A/P options are set.


Adding to what Kevin mentioned;

Make sure you have “Enable helper messages” ticked in the settings.
That way you won’t miss the warnings even when you’re in external views.


Like Kevin said, if you are in the cockpit view it will give you a ringing warning sound along with a message, but I think it will also give you a message, just with no warning sound, when you are in the normal view.