Got Violation below 250kts

Something happened to me today when I was on 248 kts, I Got Violation saying that I had Violated 250kts below 10.000ft. Then I Got Warning again when I was on 243 kts

Is it a Bug or something?

Server : ATC Playground
Region : Amsterdam
Location : Near Schiphol Airport

You’re looking at GS (ground speed) in the dock. Speed violations are based on Airspeed; in your first pic, you were at 266kts IAS, hence the violation.


That’s not entirely true. On the ground the taxiway speed is measured in ground speed, while in the air it is based on airspeed.

Since the OP was referring to a violation in the air, I’m talking about violations in the air.

I think that’s whY he’s confused: He thought in the air also ground speed was the thing to look at

I don’t get a warning/violation until I’m over 260kts…

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In your first picture, you have winds at 28kts, I’m willing to bet there were strong gusts as well, making your airspeed quickly shift between 230 and 270 kts


Retract those flaps…


There is a a10kt buffer, so you never get the warning until 260kts.


Btw When I was descending to 10.000ft, I Got a Violation warning. But I was about 10.015ft.

Can someone give me a Clue?

stay logic… dont fly high speed at 10’000ft, i recommend you 10’500 to avoid risk of getting violation