Got this error when doing a short haul

Can someone solve this issue. Second time it happened


This comes up when you are out of the app for too long, so that’s not a bug or problem with the game, you’ve just had the app, as stated, in the background for too long.

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I was in the app only. I even communicated with ATC at Atlanta Center

it could also be related to your internet connection. Ensure your device has a strong connection at all times.

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I have a strong internet connection

In the top right it says “NetworkError” which I would assume means you lost connection for too long. Since no one else is having this issue, that most likely means it’s client side but I could be wrong. I don’t really know what else it could be, sorry.

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Is it possible that you received a notification? That can disrupt a connection if you do not close the notification in time.

I received it when I was with Center and I had just checked in

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear enough. Perhaps did u receive a notification for a text message, a call, or another app?

its an ipad pro, I use it only for if

Hmm. Have you had this issue before? It could have something to do with your internet, despite being able to communicate with ATC just seconds before

I had an issue where game would freeze but it vanished after I uninstalled it.

Sorry for taking a while to respond. Has the issue resolved itself yet?

Hi, that might happen when there’s a notification that pops up so it makes Infinite flight go into background app. For example: update notification, amber alerts… So i would suggest to put “do not disturb” on and not leave the app while flying.

Good day


I think we should have a staff come and solve this instead of people guessing… that might be strategic and efficient
Anyways, I think two reasons:
One, internet connection lost for toooooooo long
Two, you put infinite flight in the background for too long as it said.

This don’t happen me so often, since I sometimes switch to other apps in flight, but rarely it happened, and it was making me really frustrated when I was just going to finish a long haul flight😂

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