Got system violation when i was back taxied


I was back taxi runway 27 L VOHS , suddenly my plan stuck in to ground and got system violations
Cal sign Red Knight 100
Can any mod look at this ?
See replay here

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What were the violations for?

Please PM @appeals. Usually level 1 violations (Because they are system generated) are not removed, but the moderators will take a look and inform you


Ah ok…given it was a glitch - it should be removed.

In future - clear your scenery cache before each flight to prevent this happening

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Violation Level 1 can’t be appealed if I recall correctly.

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Incorrect. It can only be appealed if its the sim at fault. Like a glitch through the ground.


I’m down from grad 5 to 3

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Can I just ask did you get 5 violations from this. It says you exceeded the limit. If so all 5 should be removed if you can prove it.

At least you are still on the Expert Server.

Please do as @Thomas_G wrote above, and the issue should be solved. :)


Only 1 violation

Your originally topic was moved to appeals. Someone will help you out shortly.