Got speed violation for nothing.

I was flying LFPG-ZBAA in a 777-300er I set my autopilot to 230 knots and FL 380 I went to school when I come my plane crashed and I got 6 speed violation. So maybe just remove the speed violation that I had for nothing.

When was the 230 kts set? Were you already cruising at the time?

As you climb your speed restriction (the red tape) lowers. 230 knots IAS may very well have been too fast as 38,000 feet.

No but I alredy did flight with the 777-300 and 230kts is not over speeding at fl380

So from the screenshot we see, that you were only flying for 19 minutes. So, you maybe did not even reach the crusing altitude. What was your vertical speed? Maybe it was too high and the plane stalled.

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Were you cruising when you left or did you leave the aircraft as it was still climbing?

I was at 1800 feet min and other flight that I do it’s ok

In my opinion I think that would’ve been why as 230 knots climbing to F380 seems a bit slow because of the air getting thinner you require more thrust as you get higher and might have stalled

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It was 240 sry and normally it doesn’t stall

You didn’t get speed violations for no reason. You got speed violations because you went too fast. If you fly too high too early in your flight the aircraft can stall and the autopilot will stop working. If there is no intervention the aircraft will then nozedive into the ground at high speed, and violations will be recieved as a result. Flying at a lower altitude will reduce the likelihood of this happening again. FL380 is quite high for an initial cruise altitude, it’s better to start your cruise at a lower altitude and increase in stages as the aircraft’s mass decreases.


No one will delete your violations. I think that, when you are flying you should be focused on that and not just out of home. If you would have been focused on flying, nothing would have happened. So it is your problem that you were not near your smartphone.

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How can I know of I stall or something like that I was not home… and if it has stalled they need to fix because everytime it dosent stall

Also it’s suggested to reach your cruising altitude prior to leaving your device unattended

I couldn’t

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It appears that as you reached 38k your ground speed started to drop significantly which usually indicates you were climbing too quickly in that specific aircraft for the given load. After that you began to nose dive which resulted in over speeding before crashing.

The lesson here is to not leave your plane unattended during critical phases of flight (climb/descent) regardless if you did it before. Even a simply change in weight from the last time you flew can make the difference in your VS resulting in a stall.

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do not leave device unattended during crucial stages of flight. IE: take off and and landing. Wait until you are at cruise altitude before leaving


It was your problem, dont fly when you are not near your smartphone. At least wait until you reach cruising altitude and you will see that everything works fine, so then you can leave.


Then I’m afraid that you simply flew at your own risk next time you do this I suggest to fly on casual server as you won’t receive vios if something like that happens again

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Tell what you want I couldn’t be home soo