Got reported..

Hi all aviators,

First of all I will say thanks to all ATC on expert server. You are doing a great job!

Yesterday I got reported after landing on 10L at KPDX. I turned right when able and contacted ground as told by the controller. Then after turning off the rwy I by mistake asked ground permission to cross rwy 10R. I told controller to standby and disregard last message. Then I asked to taxi to parking. Controller did not give me any warnings, or responded to any of my messages. Suddenly I saw a message that I had been reported by mod. Is my wrong message to ground reason for being reported?

My callsign is Jetspeed100
Was grade 4, now grade 2. XP 221900, 1252 landings, 229 hours online.


André, Norway


That was me (controlling and being the mod). Message me and I will explain/show you the reasoning (: