Got reported

Can you tell me what to do if i got reported for telling the atc that i need to go aroung because i dont have fuel to continue the flight?!?!?!

Please check your logbook for the controller and them PM him to discuss your report.

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I’m aware. :)

Are you positive that it’s Juan? You’re not the OP, so I’m wondering how you know.

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If you’re not the controller or the pilot who was ghosted, please DO NOT comment or speculate.

We don’t know what airport this happened at or who the controller was. Let the involved people handle it.


Roger. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we don’t know for sure when this happened, so we can’t assume it’s a certain controller. Let’s wait for the OP to confirm who it is. Thanks!

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Sorry everybody! I was just trying to find the controller so he could PM the pilot :)

Ok. You do not need to create a topic about this! If you know the controller you should pm them directly. If you don’t you can PM the “moderators” group and they will happily give you the user that you should PM.


The mods are busy people and don’t have the time to answer every ghosting complaint, whereas the community always has someone available to help out. Sometimes a pilot is unable to contact a controller because they don’t know the controller’s name on the IFC, so it’s okay that they create a topic to find out the controllers name.

The only thing to do now is wait for the OP to provide a controller name. No further replies are necessary.

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I did not ghost someone for the reason specified above^


Stay out of it, they can communicate themselves :)


I created a PM between OP and controller. Thanks for the help everyone!