Got reported

I got reported once in the last 24 hours and was degraded, does anyone know how long it would take to get my grade back?

One week. After 1 week, you can go back on expert

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Thank you…

Why did you get reported?

I was told to turn heading to 210 and I did but was told to follow instructions so I said I’m sorry, but got reported. Sooo i don’t know, maybe I turned it to a different number and didn’t realize.

Go to your replay and check what happened

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Go to your logbook and see the name of the controller that reported you. Send him a DM here in the forum. If you need help locating him, let us know.

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I figured it out, I stalled a bit and made me go off course

ATC won’t report you if you stall…

Mmmmm, not a big deal for me though was just asking how long it would take so it doesn’t go over my next billing date. But thanks for your help.

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All good. You can just fly on TS in the meantime

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