Got reported

Hey guy I need you help. I just got reported for know proper. Reason it does say I got reported for not following sequencing. But I was following. Everybody else was rushing at the 250kt speed limit in to try to get in line before me.

After the approach controller went offline I did follow the „path“ he was directing the traffic in front of me. But as we do know a lot of other people do not give a s…t about the sequence order but rushing in and do not care about anybody else but themselves.

Becuase of that I do request to undo the report. I wasn’t doing anything wrong on purpose and I do not even necessarily blame the tower controller of princess Juliana intl. All of those other reckless pilots do just rush in and cause a hole lot of chaos.

Thank you very much for your help.
(If I did post it in the wrong category I do apologize.)

PM the controller who ghosted you…

Curent tower controller at TNCM @mkwiecek


The current tower controller is @mkwiecek , he will message you once he’s finished controlling


Look in the logbook at notes for the flight for the controller who ghosted you. Then, PM them. Come back here if you can’t find them on the IFC.

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