Got reported

I spawned at EGLL and requested pushback, this was on the expert server mind you, and I got permission as there was NOBODY around or beside me. The ATC gave me permission so I started pushback and when I was on the taxi line I got reported for "Pushback without permission… I aint mad but I lost my grade as I get speed violations while im not payin attention so I just got back to grade 3… smh


Could you head onto Infinite Flight and open up your Logbook from the main title screen.
Then, could you navigate to the flight where you were reported and click on the “i” symbol.

From there, you can see who reported you and we can direct you to the controller or moderator so you can PM them about your recent report :)

Also, be sure to check out the topic below, so you can have the best outcome;



Hello, who was the controller at the time and do you have replay you can share with us to help develop the situation?

Please check you logbook to find the name of the controller who ghosted you then PM them with your replay. Thanks!

Let’s avoid duplicate messages now :)

Most probably I’m your controller as I was handling clearance. If it shows my name in the logbook, PM me directly

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