Got reported

Dear Support Team,

I would like your help with this report given to me this morning. The ground controller reported me for passing through another plane and first of all I though it was a Network issue, but looking the replay, it was not like that and the controller made his job.

However the plane in front of me was invisible as you can see on the replay, so I didn’t see the plane stopping.

Could you please evaluate this case because is not a controller or my fault, is a game graphic issue.

I will look forward for your reply and if you need any further information please let me know.


Thank you!


Welcome back!

First off who was the controller?

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That’s unfortunate. If you could, can you PM the Controller at the time and possibly show your replay? Hopefully they’ll understand. Thanks!

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Check your logbook and look at the notes press the i and message the controller.


You can share your replay to the controller at
Make sure give the controller the link to the website with your replay file attached.


Random question, did you happen to be a Swiss Airlines plane at the time?

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@KSJCRampAgent Please reach out to Jose please. Thanks!