Got reported

Hello, I just got reported by The Beijing Approach,( I am Qatari 892 ) he controlled me to Runway 36L, and then he told me to contact tower, the tower on the other hand gave me clearance to enter left base runway 36R ( RWY36L Is small for a B777 ) all of a sudden I see a red banner!! That sucks specially after coming from a 7 hour flight from Doha!! Please help anyone!!

You were already told to PM the controller, making a new topic is not the answer…


I did PM Him, I want my report to go down and I won’t get demoted to grade 2!! This is unacceptable.

That was me, send me a DM.


Hello, I did plz check it.

Did you land on runway 36L?

We will chat on DM, no need to carry this further. thanks


Nope, I got reported before landing, the approach told me to clear visua RWY 36L, and the tower told me to Enter left base RWY 36R, I got reported for following the tower!! I was shaking asking my self who’s instruction should I follow, the tower or the approach ( RWY 36L is small for a Boeing 777 )

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Ok, I sent the PM, Thanks

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