Got reported for taxing through others which was wrong

I didn’t I was backing up because the plane in front of me was behaving in a funny way

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If you know who the controller was then send him/her a PM and discuss the matter over there.

I know but how to you get to pm?

How do You find a user here?

His name was Trio

@Trio you are being summoned.

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You cannot currently as you are a Basic user. Do you know the name of the controller that ghosted you?

@Trio is your man, I’m sure he will message you when he sees this

he said it was Trio.

Beat me to it!!!

Please PM the controller who was in charge when you got ghosted. In this case, since @Trio was the controller, send him a PM by Clicking on his profile and clicking on the little mail icon to send a PM


I hope we solve it. Imy still new here


Thanks man

Please read above. He cannot message the user as he is still basic user.Trio will see this and hopefully PM the OP



Trio will get to you when he gets the chance.

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I let him know on the IFATC slack.

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Thanks man I appreciate it

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As of now, just let this thread be, Trio will eventually contact him when he has time or a mod could possibly set him up for a PM with him. Til then no need to clog this thread up any further more, thank you :)


Trio has been notified and will PM.