Got reported for something that wasn't even that bad

So I was flying into SAN then I had to recalibrate because I moved in Irl and someone reported me because my plane started ascending rapidly. The thing that bugs me the most though is it the report is under inappropriate behavior. Can someone plz tell me if that moves you down on ranks of anything.

This may put you a grade down. Can you tell me which server you was on? :P

If you get receive 5 violations you get ghosted. You’re invisible to other players.
If you get 1 ghost in a day you’re banned from the advanced server.
Playground and Free Flight are not affected.
Which server were you reported on and was it a ghost or violation?
Also if you get 3 ghosts in 3 days you’re off the advanced server.

It was on the ATC playground

Listen if you have problems with stuff like this just use autopilot or just press the airport where the atc was then it should show active atc people take a screenshot of that and report it to a moderator.

(Like this)

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