Got Reported for “Not Following Instructions”

I just got a level 2 violation for “not following instructions”. The controller gave me a vector when I was still climbing, it was turn right 090 and climb and maintain 10,000 which was well off course from my flight plan. I said “unable” because I wanted to stay on my FPL. Apparently he didn’t see that I said unable, because he reported me without giving me a warning. Can someone help? Callsign was AIRKORYO and this happened on expert server.

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Can you go into your logbook and retrieve the name of the controller that reported you?

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Do you know your controller? If yes, the kindly PM him

Adding for what @Thunderbolt said, you can also contact @appeals

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Juan Oothsizen. He gave me two reports at the same time, which is another issue.

Please contact @Juan_Oosthuizen to discuss the report. Thanks!

Edit: Tyler gave you a good explanation below.


Hello! I’ll save your time with the appeal.

It sounds like there was no reason other than not wanting to leave your FPL which is not a valid reason to decline following instructions. The heading and altitude was issued for a reason. We do offer the Casual Server if you wish to fly without ATC or any changes to your filed route.

This Violation will not be removed and you may rejoin the server in accordance with your Grade Table. Have a good one!


Ok. But the controller gave me two violations both for the same reason at the same time. Can you please remove one from my account?

I removed one of them. The other remains.

Again, decide if you would like ATC service before resuming another flight on the Expert Server. It doesn’t make much sense to enter a realistic environment if you don’t intend to adhere to those guidelines. Cheers!