Got reported but I don't think I did something wrong...

I got reported last night, this is what happened:
I was doing a flight in Expert Server from KSFO to CYYZ in an Air Canada livery 787-9, My Callsign was Air Canada 738 and my display name is Daily Crash.
At sometime between 11 pm to 0 am Eastern Time, I was approaching CYYZ, there was only ground ATC there at that time. When I was on final RWY 33R, I received a message that let me contact Toronto Tower, so I clicked ATC button and tried to contact Tower, but I didn’t find CYYZ Tower option there, the runway was clear, so I continued to land and exited the runway, then I contacted CYYZ Ground to request taxi to parking, but I got no response, later I heard another plane was approved pushback by Ground Controller, so I tried another time, but I still got no response, so I just taxied to parking and ended my flight, and I found my Grade dropped to Grade 2 from Grade 4, it showed I have 1 report. If the reason I got reported was not contacting ATC, I was totally unintentional to do that.

Can someone please help me with this?

Thank you!

Please PM the controller. You can find their display name in your log book.