Got reported at ‘VHHH’ (IFVARB Summit)

I got reported because off: Not specific. I was just making way down to the runway and got reported. I play since a very long time (since release of multiplayer) and I just wanted to ask you guys if you can do something against the report because it’s really frustrating to not play his passion for a week

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Can you please go into your logbook and see who ghosted you? You’ll have to PM the controller in this case.


I’ll be reversing this after the IFVARB event is over. Ghosting reason was, “hinderance to the flow of traffic”. The NOTAM when you spawned in noted that specific departure and gate procedures are in effect. You’ll be back at your current grade in a little bit. Thanks for the understanding.

This applies to anyone else who was ghosted without reason by me today at VHHH.