Got my PPL

Hey everyone, even though I only recently started my flight training course, due to full time regular training, ability, etc I managed to get my PPL 21 days after starting flight training (Which is possible here in Ireland)

Sorry if this topic is is the way, but I had to share my excitement somewhere :D


Congrats @_keithjames99! That is awesome news! Welcome to the elite privilege of being a real world pilot!


Wow, comgrats :D

I can’t wait for you showing us some photos ;)


Congratulations, being a pilot isn’t my aspiration but I do hope you enjoy it and have a lot of good times with this career path


good job! dont open the door while flying!


Wow congratulations! I can’t wait until I get my PPL.

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Amazing! I should start training around December!

IThat’s awesome!

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Thanks guys :) I will try get some pics for you guys on my flights.

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Awesome, congrats! What’s your choice of aircraft? ;)

Where in Ireland did you do your training. I’m from Ireland too and curious as to where people went

Whoa!! 21 days me when did you do the exams? You must have had plenty of money behind you, congrats my man!

Waterford Aero Club, it’s a regional airport with 1 runway, ICAO is EIWF

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Hmm I’m from Ireland too, I might give that a look. Congratulations by the way.

Good job bud. Your one step closer to becoming a Commercial Pilot.

Congrats! Must be fantastic to fly in such a beautiful country

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