Got my first model for collection!

This is my very first model. F-WXWB isn’t that exciting?

Model information :

Manufacturer: JC Wings

Product Number: JC2AIR938 / XX2938

Units Produced: 150 pieces world wide

Scale: 1:200


Wow, nice!

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Chocolate!! ;)

Nice model! :)




Nice model! But, I would’ve gone for 1:400 scale.

Why? Aren’t 1:200 scaled models usually more detailed?

They would be because they are bigger, but I prefer 1:400 because the company I buy them from (GeminiJets) makes more 1:400 scale aircraft.

Its all about personal taste. I personally like the 1:200 scale models from GeminiJets for reasons said above (bigger, more detailed, small details are more noticeable). I base all of my models off of 1:200 so I wouldn’t just switch to 1:400 some random day.
However, I understand what you mean. 1:400 models are more “in-stock” and available for purchase, they are smaller so you can fit more on a shelf (or wherever you display them), and just take up less space in general which is good for people who collect large amounts of models.
I will say though, once you start on one scale, it looks better if you stay on that scale for future models if your displaying them. Going back to my original point, it’s all your own personal “swag”.

That’s where I display them.


Woooow! Really nice model!


I know right ?

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