Got kicked for crossing runway i was told to cross

I was holding short of 25 on my taxi back to terminal at yssy and was told I can cross. I crossed and then got kicked for going on a entered runway with out permission. What?? how do I appeal this the reporter was Sashaz55 ipp IFATC.

Their was an adjacent runway to the left and i didn’t even make the turn to go their so I know it wasn’t for that runway. It had to be for 25 the runway I was allowed to cross. It is in the log too and I can see it in the replay

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Message @appeals to appeal.

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should i include the controller
in the message

List all the details and the mods can add them if needed

I just messaged them i exited out now i cant find the message

Go to your profile. Click messages and sent.

Contact @Sashaz55 to clear this up. Good luck :)

Oh okay i found this. Im confused should I add sashaz55 or not

I believe the mods will do that if necessary.

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