Got ghosted?

Hello guys i am Jordanian 455 i got ghosted by @sebi-ue and i was told by the atc to follow instructions and i did then after 1 min the guy just reported me what??? Any help please

PM @sebi-ue and sort it out with him

Can you send a screenshot of your logbook?

He is not replaying

He will get in contact after his session

Give him some time…he has a life just like you.

Give him a few hours and then bump the PM. Depends what time zone he is in.


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This can be closed now…

Any help what did i do i did follow the plan

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Were you on approach? Because it says the flight was 2 minutes.

You were NOT SUPPOSED to follow the flight plan and you were supposed to listen to atc instructions.

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But you were told to NOT follow your flight plan - you always follow ATC instructions regardless of your FLP.

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To the same airport i was making circles

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That is correct, whenever there is ATC, always listen to them, no matter how far off your flightplan you go. Especially if you were circling a busy airport like Frankfurt, which has a no pattern work ATIS right now.

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I did follow them !!!

I was with them

Ok calm down @sebi-ue will sort it out with you when he is finished controlling

The fact that you were circling an airport with “no pattern work allowed” is what I’m trying to say here.

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Ok i will wait thanks