Got Ghosted for the app freezing

I was flying from KEWR-EGLL and I was just about to make my decent when the plane started to over speed and while that was going on the app froze, I was thinking it was just going to freeze for a few seconds and come back and I could lower speed. But when it came back after about 45 seconds or so I had 5 violations for overspeeding and had been ghosted. Is there something I can do to get that removed or do I have to wait out this week to fly on the expert server again?

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you will most likely be asked to show the recordings or email the recording from the flight to have your violations removed by a moderator. Note that system violations are normally hard to overturn but we can we wait and see what they say. Try to pm a mod with the recording.

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Has Infinite Flight started to freeze like this before? We will need your device information for an issue like this.


This is the first time the game has frozen for this long before. I have an iPhone 8+ and it freezes for a few seconds every once in a while, for example when I load into a busy airport.

yeah unfortunately its not much to discuss here. This may only be resolved by using your recording and following protocol.

A guide to appealing ghosts

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Alright. Thanks for the information given. Take a look here. I advise you for the following when this happens.

  • First off, try lowering your graphic settings. Here are the options.

Tick the limit frame rate to on, to prevent overheating.
Turn off Anti Aliasing.
Lower your graphic quality to Best or Good.

  • Try restarting your device before every Flight.

  • It is advised not to approach into busy airspace, as this piles up the storage with other downloading aircrafts.

  • If none of the above seems to work, try Reinstalling Infinite Flight.


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