Got downgraded when plane came off auto pilot and crashed gave me 4 violations

I only have the 4 violations and 3 are from the plane crashing I didn’t see the autopilot shut off and it crashed my bad lol… but now I’m a grade 2 and I’m wondering will I ever be a grade 3 again or am I stuck at 2 ? Thanks guys fly safe !

Yes, as long as you don’t get any more violations for 7 days you will be back to Grade 3.

Violations expire after 7 days.


Sorry to hear that! It’s never nice when something like this happens.

There is no known bug for AP switching off just like that. In the cases where people thought this happened it appeared that they (or something) touched the AP button briefly.

Unfortunately you will need to live through this demotion until the violations expire in a week.


Just relax :) you’ll be back in 7 days. It’s the first time and there’s a high chance, that it’s not your last time. It just happens


it will be a 7 day vacation to training server it happened to me once

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Thank you Sir you answered my question
… so I’ll be back to grade 3 in 7 days ?


Yes, 7 days from when you received the violations.

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Thanks @Declan_O

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No problem, if you have any other questions in the future don’t hesitate to ask.

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Happened to me just last week, I’m still in training server because of it. The training server is not so bad, there are some very competent ATC around (a few not so competent, but that’s why it’s the training server) :)


Last time I ever was downgraded was December 2017. Longest week of my life haha! Don’t worry about it though. You’ll be back to grade 3 soon enough. To pass the time, I recommend doing pattern work at a small airport to rack up landings.

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I would also vote for one of these features if you regularly have this problem or fear this will happen to you. :)

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Men it happens

I’ve had it where I didn’t get credit for landings sometimes. While doing pattern work

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So did you touch anything or it just disengaged

… sorry . I didn’t touch a thing it did it on its own.

Maybe it was cross winds

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No need for everyone to share their amazing theories on why the OPs Autopilot disconnected… They have been given an answer and a suggestion, how about we leave it at that?

Who knows its ok I’ll be back soon was just wondering how it worked I’m fairly new to IF.

Ok no probs