Got Disconnected while away

I WAS flying afk adn I always thought that when afk the away icon should come up to the controller, but he didn’t seem to realised that I was away and that I could not respond, I was at cruising alitude, at a reasonable speed, and I got disconnected :
Unable to communicate

Please help me understand the use of the away icon then

Hey there!
Where you on cruise at the moment of disconnection? Do you know the name of the controller?

Luckily “Unable to Communicate” doesn’t give you a violation…

Did you have your VNAV enabled at the time of the disconnection?

Hey, I was in cruise, and the controller is The current controller for Lisboa center

No, I was in cruise

Yes indeed

Where in cruise ? In the middle of traffic ?! Or somewhere in the ocean ? Some many more details would be good ; )


@Edoardo_C is your guy. I suggest sending him a PM :)

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You are correct, the away icon displays showing that the current user is away and unavailable. Did you get a violation from this?

Please PM the controller directly as they may explain what happened and why. If needed they will reverse it.

Of course, I was in cruise, over the Atlantic ocean between Madeira and Lisboa, there was no traffic (or that I know of because I was away)

How do I do it, the controller is Edoardo_c

The controllers name is their IFC name.

Just PM please. No need to continue on this topic :)