Got disconnected for no reason by Neto_Campelo

So, as I was approaching Dubai, I followed every instruction given by the controller, he then asked me to reduce speed to 200kts, and I did. A few seconds later, he told me to follow instructions. ( I was following every instruction given )

Fast forward to a few minutes later, he asked me to descent to 3,000ft,

A few seconds later he asked me to expedite altitude change?! ( I couldn’t do it any faster, and the runway was very far away still )

And in no time, I got disconnected by him. 5 hours flight ruined just like that.

I would love to share my replay folder for proof. Can someone guide me on how to do that? Thanks.

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Hey there!

The Unable to Communicate isn’t actually a report. I recommend PM’ing your controller, @Neto_Campelo.


I wasn’t there so I can’t help much, but I can recommend messaging @Neto_Campelo or @appeals.


Hey there. Thanks! Yeah I know that, but what when you get it for no reason? I was able to communicate and responded to every instruction. It’s no ok to ruin someone’s flight for no reason.

Thanks man.

I would Pm Neto for more info about this issue.

Sorry that you were disconnected.


Thanks for your help man! 🙏

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I think he was reported. He just meant he got disconnected after the report.

I did not get reported. @Sami_Fajita_Air

What was the reason listed?

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Unable to communicate. ( when I was communicating and responding in no time )

I can send you the replay folder for proof.

If it was “unable to communicate”, it was a report. If it was “unable to communicate - contact a moderator” than it was not. Your best course of action would just be to contact @appeals and send the replay file. Hope this helped and good luck!

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Thanks for your help man. 🙌 It says “ This is not a violation and no appeal is necessary “

I am not asking for an appeal or anything atm, I’m just mad that I got it for no reason, I can’t let this slide easily. :|

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There is always a reason. Even when you think there isn’t one, ATC’s always got a plan. If this were truly the case, then we wouldn’t have any IFATC members as they’d be removed for issuing violations for “no reason”. 🙂