Got Demoted. Help?

Some of you may have seen my recent topic on the a321 bug. I went to fly the a321 to try and see if I could find any solution to the problem. However, when I did this the nose started violently going up and down while on auto pilot but when I tried to turn off auto pilot to manually control it I could not, the buttons were frozen but the screen wasn’t. The plane began rapidly descending and speed warnings were coming up. I tried to end the flight but all the buttons were still frozen so I sat very frustrated watching myself get violations and my plane eventually crashed. That made me drop from a grade 4 to grade 2, extremely upsetting. Anything I can do?

Wait for a week…
Tip: do this on casual server next time ;)

I would probably say you should have powered your device completely off, if you find yourself in this situation again. 👍🏻


Will do, though a week feels like forever 😔


Yeah, I had it once. Hope to see you back in the skies soon!

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Yeah, kind of forgot to change the server. Didn’t think about that.

Thanks, will be back in 168 hours 😅


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