Got another violation

I got violation again in training this time

How long i have to wait before getting my grade 3 back?

When did you get this violation?

1 week because it says violations 7 days when they finish u go to grade 3

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Just now i check

A week because you have gone over the 7 day limit

The answer is not as straight forward as “7 days”

It depends on when you received the other violations.
This one needs to drop below 3 for you to regain your Grade 3. It will do that when the oldest of these 5 violations becomes older than 7 days.


So how long would i have yo

*How long would i have to wait to regain it bsck

Did you receive the 5 vios at the same time?

Yeah i did so i got a total of 5 in one go

Then if you got them in one go. A week.

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But i got 5/3 in 7 days its over 3 so is still one week

It’s still one week. Maybe pay better attention to your flight next time?

Alright thx