Got an report unjustified

I was on Expert Server a few minutes ago, and I got reported by ATC as I was not following their instructions. I had pushbacked for rway 9R so facihg rway 9R and Atc told me to taxi to runway 9L. As I couldn’t change my direction, I was about to taxi to rway 9L by some taxiways near rway 9R. And I got reported. This is totally unjustified as I was following their instructions. I was Grade 3 so I can’t access to expert server and I was about to get the grade 4. If someone could help me to fix this problem, thank you so much. I don’t want to report the atc controller because he did not judge the situation as I did. It is not his fault but I would like to fiw this. Tanks

Happy landings !

I have notified the controller and they will reach out to you via PM to discuss.

Thank you so much !

The controller is still controlling but will reach out when they are done.

Will be continued via PM