Got a Violation without being online?

So I have not played IF all day today and some reason when I check why I was Grade 1 I have 6 violations. That is not possible because I was not even online all day.

what grade were you prior?

What’s your current callsign and display name?

My callsign is Kestrel 7 and my display name on IF is WardellStephenCurry

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Is this your weekly count or just today? If just now very weird, but make sure this is just today’s.

It says (1 days) for my 6 violations

On the 25/01/2018 at 2300 Zulu you received those violations for over-speeding. The system can be slow sometimes updating. :)


How do you know this stuff? Hacks?


I’m a moderator for Infinite Flight.