Got a Violation for No Reason

So yesterday, I was about to fly out from Tokyo. I was taxiing to runway 34L or whatever the number was. I just got in line for 34L and then the controller contacted me and said to taxi to 34R. I replied with the reply it gives you and then said “Correction, Stand by”. Right after I said that they gave me a level 2 violation for “not following instructions”. The name of the controller at that time was Neto Cambell I believe. And no that’s not meant to call him/her out. I was just giving the name. This just kind of bothered me because there were no warnings given or anything like that. If I was told to “follow instructions or I would be reported” then I would’ve done so. I feel like I did nothing wrong. Is there anyway that we could sort this out or something? I’m still fairly new to this stuff. By the way this was all on the expert server.


Hello! Please send a PM to @appeals to get it sorted out.


next time look at this :)

Your Guide to Finding an IFATC

PM your controller and discuss the reason :)

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Additionally, your controller was @Neto_Campelo, hope this helps!


Hey there! You should contact @appeals or @Neto_Campelo to get this sorted out. Hopefully, you are able to find your issue.

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Thanks for the help folks