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What event should I do next?

  • Korean Fly Out (for KVA)
  • Long haul (WSSS - KEWR)
  • Fly Out from Bahamas
  • Bahamas landing competition Vol. 2

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Edit: changed from regular to multiple choice so please vote again… thanks! And also, @PocketRishi did the first Bahamas landing competition, I asked him if I could do it again and he said sure!


This is a pretty similar topic to:

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Bahamas landing competition sounds like fun :)

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I mean that’s like would you rather do something or something else but this topic is more to like if your unsure of something but you have a couple of different answers, you can ask here, not would you rather… @TheAviationGallery

Ps. That’s only for IF not out of the game question


I’ve got a question but I’m confused how to use and insert a poll

Type your question and then click the gear icon and then click build poll…

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Thank you!

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I didn’t do it properly 🤦‍♂️🤣

Bro you got to leave a line before the poll…

I’ve never done a poll I have no clue sorry 😅


I’m even more confused now sorry

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Thanks so much now I know what to do

Is the top or bottom ocean tracking line used for east bound trans Atlantic flights? Example: North America to Europe.

  • Top ocean tracking line is used for east bound trans Atlantic flights.
  • Bottom ocean tracking line is used for east bound trans Atlantic flights
  • Doesn’t matter.

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Track A/B/C are used for westbound flights, while Z/Y/X are eastbound.


If IRL an runway is LOC only, does that mean there is no vertical guidance in IF too or will it still have a G/S in IF?

  • It will only offer a LOC
  • It will still have a glideslope (so unrealistic)

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The ILS runway approach (red one) offers a LOC and a G/S to intercept.

There are actually some RWYs IRL with a LOCALIZER but without a GLIDESCOPE, does IF simulate that?
I have never flown an approach that way, I would want to know too. I am pretty sure that is called a GPS approach.