Got a Level 2 Violation for no reason?

To keep this Short A.P

I was on approach to Las Vegas and out of nowhere, Vegas Approach (@NJ24) starts warning me. I have no idea what the controller was warning me about so I just replied by saying sorry. As I was doing that, I was scrolling through the ATC communications, the last command from ATC was from several minutes ago, stating to “fly heading 050 and maintain 13000”, which I had followed.

Moments later, boom. I’ve got a Level 2 Violation and stopped the flight. Scrolling through the ATC logs in the replay, there was no command that I had missed, and here are some screenshots I had taken from the replay. All the screenshots here are in order and all messages next to the numbers are the only communications between me and ATC.

My callsign is Hainan 296V/B-5935

Hey there!

Feel free to PM the controller and/or contact the appeals group for review.

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got it, thanks