Got a Level 2 Violation For No Reason

Today was doing an hour long flight from Dublin to Hamburg on the Expert Server and I was just starting my scheduled descent as per my approach procedures into the airport, and I send ATC (which is currently being monitored by @PlaneGeek) my approach request to the airport just so I’m not descending and approaching the airport without permission, and he sends back follow instructions or you will be reported, which is odd as I was just asking for my approach clearance. Then he tells me to amend my flight plan to include the approach I’ll be using, so as I’m looking that up and selecting my runway and active approach, it comes up saying I received a Level 2 violation as I’m doing what they ask, which sucks as I don’t fly often so each time I do fly it is needed to keep grade 3 and now I just lost the added landing and flight time.

These controllers should understand that it doesn’t take 2 seconds to completely update your flight plan according to the active approach. I had the same issue with a different controller of them telling me to follow instructions or be reported on my way out of Dublin when they told me to descend to 7,000 feet and as I was trying to adjust my autopilot to go from FL260 to 7,000, which mind you doesn’t take a few seconds, I was told to follow instructions or be reported. They think that whatever they want us pilots to do, it will be instant.

I decided to take this up to the community as I’ve seen this isn’t the first time this controller has reported someone falsely, and this would really suck for people maybe just finishing up a 6 hour flight. I feel like this controller should not be given the privilege to violate people and screw up their whole flight.

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Please contact your controller or @appeals if you would like to know further

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Had the same thing. Just contact PlaneGeek in a dm! I’m sure he has a good explanation.

Yea I am just voicing my complaints. Having to deal with these kinds of people on the Expert Server is just very disappointing. Makes me feel like I’m flying with ATC on the casual server.

Just contact him directly. No need to make it all public.

Your whole complaint is just messed up. IFATCs are specially trained to control on expert. They know perfectly what they’re doing! If they reported you it’s because you did a mistake which you have to correct. I highly suggest taking time to calm down as handling the situation in a calmly and mature manner can go a long way. If you’re lucky the controller might be nice enough to reverse your report if he feels you’ve learned from your mistake and won’t do it again.


You’ve clearly identified the controller so it’s best to pm them or appeals regarding the report like others have said above, no need to make an IFC post calling them out. If you have a genuine concern regarding a specific controller, your best bet would be to contact a moderator who would look into this for you.


Please contact the controller.