Got a Check List?

So ya flew, are comfortable in a particular aircraft and you walk away for a day or a week! You come back and can’t remember the “V’s”, flap settings, what the weight/balance settings were last sortie, ect ect. Your back at it. You strap on your favorite aircraft, trust in memory don’t check the setting, weather ect and go for it, Good Luck’! I don’t trust my memory anymore I’m old. Even though I spend most of my IF time in a Caravan and Heavy Hauling bores me I try to Fam the inventory monthly just to keep my hand in. I keep a flight bag of tricks at hand and review the bidding in Parking. For IF my bag of tricks is a folder of POH extracts, Web dumps and errata for all the types in the inventory I chose to fly. It’s a ready reference plus 3x5 data Cards with setting, V’s, flaps ect that I consider my kneeboard. I attach the card to my IPad cover so it’s always handy for the type I’m about to fly. I don’t trust my memory except for some numonics I’ve memorized over the years. like “GUMPS”! which is a flight school favorite. So let me suggest, fly for real every time you kick the tire and light the fire. Don’t rely on memory! Flight Bags, Kneeboards, Quick Ref Cards, POH’s all come with the job. If you want to get an aviators ticket some day, trust me your Flight Bag will be crammed full. (Now the test: The nmonics above “GRUMP” ect apply to many phases of flight, looked them up on the WWW. Good sources: (Sim Check lists for the 172 ect) & chartwatchcenter/aviation/mnemonics.pdf). Do the book work Pilot you’ll be better for it!!!
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There is a checklist on the IFFG files section which is useful

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