Got 9 Violations for no reason.

So I was flying in the Training Server and I got like 3 violation warnings… So a few minutes later I crashed and didn’t want to play anymore but I forgot to press end flight (I dont think that really matters). Two hours later still with my phone on and Infinite Flight running I pressed end flight and it said that I got 9 violations…

Can someone help me?

What did the violation warnings say?


I meant Training server and it said something with Overspeed in orange

Watch the read dots on the airspeed part of the HUD. Make sure to not go faster than the dots.

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You should probably slow down then because that’s probably why you received several violations. 🙂

Well yeah… I quickly slowed down

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There’s your problem, the only servers this isn’t enforced on is the Casual server, primary because it lowers the chance of giving controllers a hard time by doing 950knots at 10000ft. You really should have a need to want to fly this fast.

Not saying you can’t, but keep it on the Casual Server.


If you got a violation, its never for nothing!

You might be true… But now I have to wait three days until I can play on the Expert server ;(

I figured out the speed restriction quickly. Pun intended… I have been getting “Ghost” while cruising around minding my own business (not flying like I stole it). I checked my log and didn’t receive any messages from an ATC. Anyone having the same issue? Gets irritating being stuck at Grade 2 for nothing…

@Clint_Shoe if you don’t understand even the most basic aspect of speed limitations then you definitely need more experience and knowledge before you should be on the advanced server. It’s called ‘advanced’ for a reason


Advanced is history… Expert server is what its called

Known joke. No more funny

So can I still call it ADV?

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Not really. I would love continue to name old names but we have to use the new names

Oh ok! Thanks!

Maybe I didn’t explain my post correctly. I haven’t had an issue with speed violations. I can be cruising at 25,000 at 300kts for example and get a ghost indicator out of the blue. If I have committed a violation, I’d like to know, but after closing out of my flight and checking my profile, no violations are being reported. Could someone be trolling around “Ghosting” people for no reason?

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