Got 5 violations I don't deserve


I was flying from BIKF-KORD on training server in an A321 and as I was descending just under 10,000ft I received 5 violations for doing 251kts without warning. To be honest, I really don’t deserve all of these violations, I was reducing my speed from 260kts to 220kts.
Please help!

Patrick N.

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Unless it’s a technical glitch, there’s nothing you can do :)

I don’t think anything can be done about that. You broke the rule, even if it was just 1kts over it (however I highly doubt that).

How about being helpful instead of just immediately thinking they’re lying?


I’m not thinking that he’s lying, but 1kts over and getting a violation from that has never happened to me or anyone I know. Usually when below 255 you should be fine.

If you feel this is unjustified, you may have to provide your replay.

Altaria55 Thank you!

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Violations do not take effect unless you are 260+ knots

I was flying with him, and he did nothing wrong. Chill, please. I’m on a call with him and something can be done. Don’t be negative

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so it is a glitch then!!

Send your replay

Please provide a replay to be certain.

He is now.

Can you please share your replay using


I’ve had problems with that before. If you want @PilotPatrick, you can also submit it via Google Drive if you provide us with a shareable link.

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If your name is not @PilotPatrick do not reply until he does so with a suitable replay link. I’ve deleted numerous posts already. I don’t care if you were flying with him or not. The way some folks are interacting on here is not acceptable.


you can calm down, i’m not gonna fight for this, thanks for the help

Right. See ya next week Jake.


Only advice that I can offer Patrick, is make sure you’re at or below 250kts prior to hitting that 10,000ft magic mark. I personally will cross 10,000 at 245kts, under the posted limit to ensure I’m not playing that game of going over the limit. Something to think about. 🙂