Got 4 violations through glitch

Today I was doing a quick flight (MD-11) from EGLL to EGBB (on training server 2). Was Cruising @15,000 ( set my speed to 280 after 10,000ft ) as I was descending for a while around 11,000 ft I realised that my speed isn’t going down as it should be so I cut power immediately and through that till 7,000 I got 4 speed violation. What do I do now?

Here are some screenshots

What was your vertical speed during decent?

i think the photos are still uploading wait for it.

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It’s not really a glitch, I think it’s because you are descending too fast.

If your vertical speed was lower than about -2000, the speed doesn’t go down easily

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Spoilers help too.

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I don’t know. Is any of you see the photos. its saying uploading…

Try uploading them again

You really shouldn’t have a VS more than -1500 fpm. You really have to time your descent.

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your’re right, but even on -1000 and surprisingly at around 12,000 feet downward it’s still gaining speed even though not as much as above -1000 fpm. Really need to watch the speed when descending on MD11.

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It appears that your mistake was here.
Just cutting power doesn’t slow your bird down. If your rate of descent was high you would have taken a long time to slow down.

If you know you are going to fast, level out at 11000 or 12000 and slow down to 230 or 240 knots before continuing further.


Here are the screenshots also had my spoilers On flight. I don’t know why

All of your pictures clearly show your aircraft at 270 knots, well above the maximum of 250.

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Kevin has a point. You should always set your altitude to 10,100 or greater when you start your decent so that you’re at a virtually violation free altitude. There, you can slow down if you’re overspeedng and continue your decent.

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I will also post this here for you to read through:

Yes I had my Vs 1500 at first. Think some of you my think that my VS is too high. Didn’t had the chance to take screenshots cos I was too busy slowing down my speed. As you can see I took the screenshots around 7,000 ft.

Because you were descending at -2000 VS you didn’t allow enough time to reduce your speed. Therefore your in flight spoilers were only keeping you at 270 IAS (20 knots over the 250 IAS limit below 10k)

Unfortunately we can’t remove those violations for you. The best thing you can do is learn from this for next time :)

See attached link of the pilot tutorials. Have a read of them :)

Pilot Tutorial Guide




Also the aircraft I was using was MD-11 so I thought since its new aircraft it may have some bug that gave me the speed violation in the first place.

Some great points from Kevin. Monitor decent and cutting power doesn’t slow plane down. Set alt to just over 10k to avoid any issues.

No violation bug. Pilot error :)