Got 4 violations in a row

So, Last Sunday I got 2 violations for speeding and yea, that was my fault so I waited until next Sunday a week from then but then on Thursday I got 4 violations for over speeding in a row, now this time it wasn’t intentionally, but it just stresses me out that I have to wait another week on getting back to the expert server. But the thing that happened was that I was in a group flight that day and we were about to start descending, I went to help my mom for something but the problem was that by the time I wasn’t there, I left the autopilot on descending, so by the time I got back I got 4 violations so I went on panic mode and put my throttle to 0 but then I got another one, It was just horrible, and the bad thing is that I am in 4 VA’s and I can’t go to events or do nothing until I get back to the expert server which sucks for me, I just got so mad at myself lol but that was one of the worst experiences I had in IF :( just wish there was a way to get rid of those violations, I waited a week patiently and now I have to wait another one lol

Well, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened to you, this should be moved to the general category. I gotten overspeed violation before. I recommend just reducing the speed to below 260 when descending if you will leave the app unattended for a while.

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I understand that violations can be frustrating, but sometimes that’s just the reality if you’re not being super attentive. Here are some tips to avoid overspeeding:

  • Don’t just set autopilots, make sure you’re at a stable speed before going below 10,000 feet.
  • Level off at FL110 or FL120 to slow down first.
  • Start slowing down earlier instead of waiting until the last minute.

At the end of the day, while it may be frustrating, a week on the training server isn’t the end of the world. Just learn from this experience and you’ll be back in no time!


If I’m descending and my mom calls me or something, I set the A/P to level off at 11,000 so I don’t get any vios.

If I’m below 10,000, I just let it cruise. If I’m in an IFATC controlled airspace and I need to hear tower, I’ll have to just unfortunately leave the flight or find some way to leave the airspace.


Well they will be changing the ghosting system in the new 20.1 update so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

My tips avoiding violations

  • Slow down to > 240 kts so you get a much less risk of violation
  • Descend at a small rate, that way you won’t speed while descending
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Training server is better than expert now a days anyway.

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Never leave your device unattended during crucial phases. It only leads to mistakes and unwanted violations.

We’ve all had stressful situations like this, the only thing we can do is just wait it out unfortunately.


Thank you all! I guess you can say that people learn from mistakes anyway. I will be more cautious more often, thank you all for all the tips it really helped! Someone can close this topic by the way.

Time to start prepping for VNAV. With descents starting to become more automated, it’ll be easier to get those violations. Anytime the aircraft is changing altitude, it is highly recommend to watch it closely.

Time to start making preparations 🙂

@SahyaQFFlyer Incorrect. Ghosting is being renamed. Different tiered violations will be in effect.