Gorgeous Departure from Queenstown

Hello people,

I’ve never used this category before so I thought why not give it a shot with my recent flight from Queenstown to Sydney. This was a wonderful 3 hour flight with ATC at both airports. With the help of the IPNOR3 Departure and this tutorial by @Panther, I was able to navigate from the terrain that encompassed the airport. Apart from fact my plane wrestled with 100 knot winds, cruise was okay. Approach was nice and expeditious onto runway 16L. I’m content with how the photos came out.

Aircraft: Airbus A320
Airline: Air New Zealand
Server: Expert

Shot taken by a ground crew worker as the pushback tug approaches.

Beginning my manual left hand turn to QN846.

Breathtaking photo by the lovely lady in the last row.

Over the mountain ranges.

“Mira mamá. ¡Avión!” These were the words of a Spanish baby onboard this Tam A350 as he watched the A320 join the 16L localizer 10 miles out.

Approaching minimums…

And this is the point I started wondering why an American A320 (plane ahead) was in Sydney…

Hope you enjoyed these photos. Have a good one!


Great photos🤩 ;)


Loved your descriptions of the pictures. :D


There always has to be that one out of place aircraft 😂. Great pics.


I just love NZ. It’s scenery is jaw dropping amazing! Your able to catch great shots in this country. Good work.

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I’m always that guy, today I was flying with Ryanair headed to Warsaw and I landed in the Chopin airport instead of Modlin (the cheap one). 😅