Gordon’s 21.1 Open Beta Testing Session

Hey fam!! I spawned into some of the new airports that infinite flight has decided to give 3D buildings to. I must say, I am impressed!! I didn’t think they would be as nice as they are. The best part about it is that this is only the first version. Could you imagine what they’ll be like by the end of this year or next year??? Also, the new textures make a lot of the planes look better 😊 For example, the 767 was just terrible. It looks very thrown together and there was no type of good quality on it. Now, the 767 looks like it’s been reworked. Speaking of which, I hope they’ll rework the 767 very soon. It is desperately needed as the 767 is a very great aircraft. Also, the clouds look lovely!! Hopefully we can get some improvements on the current clouds so that they’ll look like clouds and not haze 😂 Here are some of the pictures I got. I know my photos are garbage compared to some of the ones I seen, but I did my best 😂😂😂

JFK-LAX | Delta 767-300

This screenshot doesn’t show how nice the 767 actually looks, but I promise you would’ve thought the 767 got a rework!!

ATL-DEN | Delta 737-900er (My favorite plane 😁)

SFO-JFK | Delta 757-200


For some reason, a few of the pictures got out of order, but I’m sure y’all get the point lol

It’s great to see you appreciating the simulator and looking forward to what’s ahead, I’m sure we all can’t wait! The sky is indeed the limit!

Nice few shots there! I’ve only visited Toronto City and Paris so far.

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By the way, the A330 looks awesome with new textures
And most importantly

The E Jets has the nose gear problem fixed and the textures reworked!!

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I am!! I can’t wait until ATL, MSP, DTW, BOS and so many more airports get buildings!!

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I haven’t tried all the planes yet, but after hearing that, I’ll be starting shortly 😂😂