Gordon Greases the 717

I know what you’re thinking—no way 🤯 Yes, I greased the 717. Earlier today, I decided to try and grease the 717 because it has been on my aviation bucket list for quite a while now. I’m not going to share how I did it, but know I did 😂 I’ll let the footage speak for itself…

Here’s a picture of the METAR information in Atlanta at the time of the landing. My “haters” will say I greased because there was no wind lol. One word for that…DEBUNKED 😂

I think I’m infinite flights’s best pilot 🤔 nah I’m just kidding lol. Y’all be safe and grease those landings 😉


I can’t help but notice that your title says grease but the video says butter. What side are you on?

Jk that was a beautiful landing. I’m working on getting my 717 skills up atm no where near as great as that landing!


😂😂😂😂 idk. It was so good I’m scrambling my words lol. All jokes aside, I humbly thank you for taking the time to watch my landing!! Keep working and you’ll get it. I’m not going to tell you exactly what I did, but here’s what I will say…Play with the flight controls 😉


😶how in the world???

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Ah so you cheated :troll:

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I’ve learned that you have to “play” with the aircraft in order for you to know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve found what works and I’ve learned the hard way what doesn’t 😂


I guess you can say that 😂😂


You did what the world thought impossible, you have my respect

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Nice Job, check your messages,

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Thank you and you have mine ✊🏾

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👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 wow! you really buttered/greased that 717. You did the impossible!!

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Usually I don’t aim for butters in the 717, because it is quite frankly, impossible. But I guess you prove me wrong.

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@SPEEDBIRD101 I appreciate that ✊🏾

@nOthing2seehere Indeed I did 😎😂

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Grease and 717 in the same sentence?! Impossible! :O

It’s extremely difficult to land this plane normally. Kudos to you!


@RoyalJordanian for the love of the landings, where are you?

He may be a great B717 landing-er in the future and make some competition :D


@N908QD Thank you!! It definitely was a challenge, ESPECIALLY with the winds

@JetSuperior5192 Competition is always fun 😉

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For me, smaller planes are harder to smoothly land than bigger planes. Anything smaller than a 737-800 or a320 I’m terrible at landing.

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Definitely. Even the 320 can be hard to land smoothly. The nose wheel comes down entirely too hard. Same thing on the 319

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oh, i already have reached the master skills on landing the 717
ask anyone of those
@Zuhair.Mazhar @NJ24 @ToasterStroodie

either ways, nice landing @JGordon, great job :D


Agreed, Jamal!

@JGordon nice landing! Now if you need help with the Go-Around technique in the 717, please reach out to @RoyalJordanian